Rewinding machine integration at UBS


United Barcode Sytems, empresa especializada en el sector del etiquetado, codificación y marcado

United Barcode Systems is a privately held company founded in 1994 in San Sebastian – Guipuzcoa (Spain) and headquartered in Vilassar de Mar – Barcelona (Spain). They maintain a global strategic vision that has led to rapid international growth, having a presence in more than 50 countries through offices, certified distributors and strategic partners. It offers high resolution Inkjet printing solutions, printing and label application equipment, Thermal Inkjet systems, consumables and software.


All UBS devices are pre-tested in its dedicated performance test section, adapting the devices to the development situations required by the customer.

For this purpose, a series of conveyor belts or low load rewinders are generally used. However, due to the high capacities of the new head developed by UBS, HRX, the system they currently have is not capable of reaching the speeds of their latest generation heads and thus be able to perform tests to verify their high working capacities.

TAIMU has developed the design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of the rewinder already known but with a similar interpretation, in a vitaminized version.


In order to enable the testing of the new system developed by the UBS testing department, several objectives were set to be met bay te TAIMU paper rewinder:

  • Reach a maximum unwinding speed of 300m/min.
  • 2 Meters of printing area and a paper width capacity of 140-175mm.
  • Control via HMI.
  • Capable of operating with different paper weights.


The fact of increasing size and speed meant a series of mechanical difficulties to be faced bay te TAIMU team:

  • Paper buckling when running through the printing area due to vibration of the structure when running at high speeds.
  • High inertias in the winding and unwinding shafts.
  • Static electricity generated by the friction of certain materials with the printing plate.
  • Adaptability of the machine to the different materials used.


Among the wide range of materials that the HRX system can work with, it was decided to select 4 for testing the machine, varying between different weights, widths and including some plastics capable of withstanding greater tension.


Once the requirements were defined and the main operating conflicts that could arise were detected, the TAIMU team developed a high performance rewinder with the following main features:

  • Reinforced Structure. The main structure, measuring 2700mm in length and designed to accommodate the 2-meter printing area and mechanical components, is reinforced with modular profiling and four independent 10mm thick plates. This reinforcement aims to absorb vibrations that may occur at high speeds.
  • Servo Motors direct to shafts. Both the winding and unwinding axes feature servos to maintain constant control of the winding and unwinding torque, ensuring tension is maintained throughout the process based on the required speed and applied material.
  • Antistatic Roller. Some materials used may generate static when in contact with various mechanical elements of the rewinder, potentially affecting the print head and causing poor prints. To address this, an anti-static brush-equipped traction roller is included.
  • Integrated Suction Plate. Due to the significant distance between the winding and unwinding zones and the need to keep the paper on a constant path, a suction chamber is integrated into the impression skate. This maintains the paper securely against the surface while allowing movement at the selected speed.
  • Adjustable Speed. The rewinding speed is adjustable to accommodate different types of materials, enabling efficient and precise processing.
  • Intuitive Interface. It features a 7″ HMI (Human-Machine Interface) to control each machine zone and create recipes for different materials.
  • Adjustable Tension Levers. Tension adjustment levers are incorporated on both sides of the machine to regulate material contact with the traction roller.

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